Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more outrageous Texas laws like the ones we showed you last week, we brought you back for some more.

Here are ten even more ridiculous laws in Texas that you just may have broken!

Sit back and enjoy y'all, we can't make this stuff up.

In Mesquite, children are not permitted to have unusual haircuts.


Better keep that hair on fleek little Cindy Lou! What about adults... No telling.

Any person who sits on a sidewalk in Galveston may be fined up to $500.


Getting tired and need a quick break? Don't you dare think about using that sidewalk as a quick resting spot; you better push through the pain.

In Clarendon, it is a crime to dust a public building with a feather duster.


Synthetic and microfiber dusters, you better watch it; they're coming for you next.

Milking someone else's cow is not just illegal it's rude. You want milk? Get your own cow!

A2-milk-from-Indian-cows (1)

It's also illegal to sell your eye. Now about that nose to spite your face...


Hey, there's a market for everything.

In Albine, No loitering for the sole purpose of flirting.


Walk and talk people, walk and talk. Speaking of limitations on flirtations, take a look at this next one.

No Flirting With Your Hands and Eyes. Yep that's a law too.


 Feet and calves are fair game.

In Richardson, all U-Turns are illegal.

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Getty Images

Always move forward and never look back.

No Speeding On a Bicycle either. 

Brian Carson @ The Learning Curv
Brian Carson @ The Learning Curv

Slow it down there, bud; keep it below two mph.

No Littering Out of a Plane

We are so anti-littering that if we're throwing something out, we are going out with it. So in short, it's probably for the best that you don't open a door or roll a window down in an airplane traveling 500 mph.

Alex plane

Let's keep it legal folks.

Thank you to Alexandria Salinas for her contribution to this article.

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