The word is IE 10 reportedly won't support Vista

Only a few weeks ago IE 9 was released. March 14, as a matter of fact. And the IE team at Microsoft hasn't been taking a break - they've already unveiled the platform preview for the next version, IE 10, at this week's MIX conference in Las Vegas. There was much made about the fact that IE 9 does not support Windows XP, and now word is that Vista users will likely be unhappy to hear that IE 10 drops support for their OS, as well; it will only be supported on Windows 7 and above, according to reports from Dave Bailey at Read more here:

A Windows 7 Service Pack 2. Soon?

I always look forward to these service pack updates. Just knowing that after installing all of my computer problems are going away. Right! So be it, another installment of service pack magic is headed your way. Although Service pack 1 for Windows 7 wasn't exactly exciting it made a number of minor improvements and allowed those who had been laxed about applying security updates to install them all in one fell swoop, but it didn't add any cool new features or have a dramatic impact on performance as Vista SP1 did. Will there be anything exciting in Service Pack 2? Mary Branscombe over at TechRadar speculates, and reveals her own wish list for SP2. Read it here:

The number one OS in the United States is: Windows 7

Windows 7 has steadily gained market share since its release a year and half ago. This month, it surpassed XP and is now the top operating system in the United States with 31.71 percent (XP still has 31.56 percent), according to StatCounter. XP remains on top world-wide. Read more here:,12559.html

I hope you have a safe and happy Easter.