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Tech Thursday: Enabling Network Mapping in Windows 7
Here is a tip showing how to enable the network mapping features on Windows 7 machines. The network map feature (which was introduced in Vista) is handy for finding other computers and devices on the network and getting a visual representation of them in the Network and Sharing Center...
Tech Thursday: News out of Microsoft
The word is IE 10 reportedly won't support Vista

Only a few weeks ago IE 9 was released. March 14, as a matter of fact. And the IE team at Microsoft hasn't been taking a break - they've already unveiled the platform preview for the next version, IE 10, at this week's MIX conferenc…
Tech Thursday: A Few Tips for Windows 7
If you like to learn new things, here are a few more tips that might help if you use Windows 7.
Have a laptop that you connect to your home network and other times to another network? You would like to use the same IP address on your home network, but the other assigns addresses via DHCP. Well, now y…
Tech Thursday: Patch For A Pack
If you are using the recently released Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) then you need to apply a patch. That’s right; you will need to patch your operating system applying one of the security updates that Microsoft released.
The patch is included in Microsoft’s Security…
Tips And Tricks For Windows 7
I thought I would share a few tips I came across from that could help solve some specific computer problems. Provided for informational purposes only, of course.