The odds that the 2021 Dallas Cowboys actually make it to Superbowl LVI are long indeed, but that won't stop devoted life-long fans from spotting this opportunity.

While I don't bet very often on sports, I have never bet on football. I'm honestly not convinced the outcomes are not pre-determined at times (not always). However, NFL and Cowboys fans who have way more faith than I do have a chance to turn a pre-season bet into a big payout thanks to the long odds facing the team going into the season later this year.

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How to Score Big $$$ With The Cowboys

Inside the Star has tracked down a few different online gambling sites to see who is offering what odds going into the upcoming season. They looked at the odds offered by sites like Draft Kings, and Action Network. Now they also looked at odds that were offered by Bovada,, but as of today, the links to those odds are suddenly broken. Maybe someone started doing the math? Here how it would look if you placed a bet on the Cowboys to Win Superbowl LVI BEFORE the season actually starts.

Log Odds, Big Payout

The Cowboys are in year 25 of their Superbowl drought and hungry to win. Oddsmakers do not seem very confident as the team faces an uphill climb just to get to the playoffs. Draft Kings have the Cowboys at +3000 odds to win it all. This means a $1000 wager prior to the season starting could pay out as much as $25,000 (maybe more) by the time the championship game is played. Talk about a hail mary! Not feeling so sure? a $100 bet prior to the start of the season based on this week's odds could end up paying around $3000. Feeling much better about that one.

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