Mary entered Staci Powers from Hallettsville High School in our Favorite Teacher Contest.  Here is what Mary had to say, "Ms. Powers is a Deaf art teacher at Hallettsville High School. She is very dedicated to all of her students and their success. While she is Deaf she does not let that get in her way, she embraces her culture and loves to share it with students, parents, and other teachers. In my four years of high school taking her art class and ASL class I learned more about life than I ever thought I would. She has shown all of her students that the idea of being "normal" really does not apply. Nobody is normal, that is just a word used to categorize those who fit the common type. Her ASL students are her pride and joy, she is more than just a teacher to them. She was my friend and therapist all through high school, I could trust her with any problem. She was so dedicated to our education that she even allowed us to leave the classroom once all of her work was done to ask other teachers for help on their assignments. She gives so much to the students and the school, all but living there during the school year to ensure everything is perfect. She will purchase art supplies with her own money due to her school budget being cut down drastically every year. She is underappreciated by the school and gets little recognition for her amazing work. Staci Powers is one of a kind and has the purest of hearts."  Thanks Mary, Staci Powers thank you for going above and beyond!

School is in session, and our teachers are hard at work getting this school year to be successful for their students. This year KIXS 108 and Victoria ER are teaming up to honor your favorite teacher. Winners will be picked every Friday for the month of August beginning August 10th. Your favorite teacher could walk away with a prize bag with Victoria ER supplies, $50 gift certificate to Johnny Corino's, $20 gift card to Courtesy Car Wash, $50 Indigo Day Spa gift certificate, and some school supplies. That's a pretty good prize bag for those teachers. You'll definitely make them feel appreciated for all their hard work during the school year! To nominate your favorite teacher enter below.

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