We had a special in-studio guest this morning, as Kelly Trevino, Director of Marketing for the Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas stopped by for a visit...and she brought COOKIES!

The annual Girl Scouts Cookies sale is in full swing, right now through February 23rd. That means it's time to stock up on your favorite varieties (mine happens to be the Thin Mints). And, Kelly brought by a sampling of the new cookie variety introduced this year, the Cranberry Citrus Crisp! These are actually low in calories, with the tart, tangy taste of cranberries and citrus flavors. Yummy!

You'll find the Girl Scouts selling their scrumptious cookies at several locations throughout South Texas, including Walmart stores, Walgreens, HEB, Lowe's and IHOP, just to name a few! For more information, CLICK HERE.

Now, has anybody got some milk handy?

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