JP and I just had a Forrest Gump moment.

JP read that yesterday was 'National Chocolate Chip Day' and I read that yesterday was actually, 'National Chocolate Chip COOKIE Day'.

It turns out, they are one and the same, but it begged the question;" Where else would a chocolate chip belong beside a cookie?" I asked. JP answered. Enter beloved character Bubba Buford, "Chocolate Chip Waffles, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, Chocolate Chip Ice Cream..." The list went on, as JP listed about another half dozen other recipes where chocolate chips reigned supreme.

I even chimed in (weakly) with "Trail Mix," YET I still say the BEST place for a chocolate chip is in cookie batter!  And I just happen to have the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe TIP of all time to offer you below but first, with that being said, our Forrest Gump 'moment' led to a more serious debate.

"What's the greatest cookie of all time?" Just a quick trip around the office and of course it's CHOCOLATE CHIP.

"Chocolate Chip Donuts, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake..." Okay, JP, I get it. Chocolate chips are amazing in everything! But and don't judge me please... chocolate chip cookies are not my favorite cookie. In fact, they are not even in my top five. Here are my top five. Any of these on your favorite lists? Anyone? Anyone?

Top Five Cookies That Are NOT Chocolate Chip!

Ah yes and drum roll, please... Hear it straight from Chocolate Cookie Champion "Holly Pickering", formally of Victoria Texas. The secret to the BEST chocolate chip cookies is "Replace butter with Crisco in the recipe. But also pray for and think of who you are baking for. The real secret ingredient is love."

Yep, love AND cookies are really all you need. With or without chocolate chips.

Enjoy these recipes and thank you to each of these Youtubers for the photos.

Snickerdoodle recipe

Thumbprint recipe

Homemade Oreo recipe

Mock Thin Mints recipe 

Ginger Snaps recipe


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