Although Alamo Drafthouse has locations nationwide, Tim and Karrie League founded it in 1997 as a single-screen repertory theater in Austin, Texas.


The Hollywood Reporter reports that Sony Pictures is buying Alamo Drafthouse after the company had recently filed for bankruptcy.

The financial impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns on Alamo Drafthouse was significant, leading the company to a point where filing for bankruptcy became the only viable option.

Sony Pictures recognizes the unique offerings of Alamo Drafthouse, a theater that not only offers dining and alcohol but also creates a fun environment for movie-watching. Sony believes this model is a great fit.


The Alamo Drafthouse also shows classic movies in its theaters, giving moviegoers a new perspective on the films that made Hollywood.Canva

It would have been missed as a date night option. Here in Texas, we have a great time in the theaters, with the sarcastic reminders before the show and the fun showings, like a breakfast showing of the newest kids' movie with a cereal buffet before the show.

Tom Rothman, chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, said, "Alamo Drafthouse has always held the craft of filmmaking and the theatrical experience in high esteem, which are fundamental shared values between our companies. I'm thrilled about the potential of this partnership."

This is great news for movie fans in Texas. Alamo Drafthouse is an enjoyable place to spend a few hours dining and watching movies. The headquarters for Alamo Drafthouse will remain in Austin.

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