News just came out that "Selena: The Series" is coming to Netflix in December of this year.  This will be a drama about her journey in Tejano music leading up to her tragic death in March of 1995.  I love the music that she gave us and her beautiful personality, but I personally think it is time to let her rest in peace. Her music WILL live on! Check out some of my favorite scenes from the 'Selena' movie below.

Now 'Selena' is my second favorite musical drama behind 'La Bamba.'  While both movies have tragic endings, both movies showcase their family lives and as well as their rise to the top. The question is which one hits you in the gut?  For me, it's La Bamba, I mean, I can still hear Bob say 'RRIITTCCHHEEE' to this day.  Take the poll question below.

Check out my favorite scenes from the movie.

Of course, there is the epic, 'We don't need the dress.' clap back!

One of my favorite lines in the movie is when Chris Perez(Jon Seda) is sitting at the table with Selena (J-Lo) enjoying pizza.  He then whips out the hot sauce from a holster with the words, 'they can't make food hot enough for me.'  This scene made me laugh because I have taken my own hot sauce to a restaurant before.  From that scene, Chris Perez made this announcement on his social media just yesterday...

Another iconic and probably the most memorable scene from 'Selena' is the 'Anything for Selena's' scene. My favorite line from that whole sequence is 'This bumper is gonna up on my garage, carnal. I am gonna put a little sign under it and it's gonna say, this bumper was torn off by the bus of Selenas...I mean, anything for Selenas.' Yes, I pretty much know every word to this movie LOL.  In a recent development, the actor that coined this iconic phrase has passed away. He is the one pictured on the left in this scene.

Do the washing machine! Wait a minute.  On the steps at the beach in Corpus Christi,  we get this iconic scene. Am I the only one that feels sorry for Suzette here being ignored while they give all their attention to Selena LOL!

Pretty much every scene in this movie is awesome, except every scene that featured the actress that played Yolanda Saldivar (Lupe Ontiveros). I know she is just the actress but her face still makes me cringe and I know I am not the only one LOL. Don't forget the new Selena Documentary is coming to Netflix on December 4th.

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