Once upon a time, a man's (or woman's) word was their bond. If one made a promise, and then didn't deliver on that promise, it was not only considered "bad form," but an extreme embarrassment. A cloud of shame could descend upon an entire family over one broken promise.

But here, well into the 21st century, it seems that promises can be made and broken without much thought, be it in politics, government, business, or just between neighbors, friends or family members. I would venture to guess that more than 90% of the American voting public just accepts the fact that politicians from both major parties promise the moon and stars while running for office, only to see those big promises evaporate once they are elected. It would seem in many cases that voters have short memories; otherwise, an overwhelming majority of elected officials would enjoy only one term in office!

When was the last time you were promised something, only to see that promise either broken, forgotten, or--at the very least--not kept or delivered when you were told it would be? Perhaps an installer or service person said they would be at your house at a certain time, only to arrive long after the time promised...if they showed up at all? So, perhaps you call Customer Service to complain, only to be told by a recorded voice to leave a message (with a brief description of the reason for your call), and you'll be contacted within x-amount of time. You wait, and wait...and never get that call back. Who do you complain to then? Customer Service Service?

Has your employer made a promise, such as a raise, bonus, or some other perk, only to not follow through? It does happen from time to time in the workplace. So, how does that reflect on that company? One would think that if a company can't  keep promises to its employees, how can it be trusted to honor commitments made to its clientele?

I'm interested in your thoughts on promises, and "keeping one's word." How many promises have you made, and have not followed through? I'll admit, I am far from perfect in this regard, but I try to do better every day! Feel free to comment on this blog below...I promise, I'll read what you have to say. No, really...I will! "Cross my heart!"

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