Nominate Your Hometown Hero
Join KIXS 108 and Post Acute Medical as we honor one Hometown Hero every morning on the JP and Ingra Lee Show. Nominate your Hometown Hero right here. God Bless America and God Bless our Military Personnel.
Last Week’s Favorite Teacher Winner!
Amanda entered Mary Lopez in our Favorite Teacher Contest.  Mrs. Lopez is a Teacher's Aide at Aloe Elementary School.  Here is what Amanda had to say, "Mrs. Lopez has been assisting in teaching for 30 plus years.  She works at Aloe Elementary in the special needs department...
Marcella won in our Mother’s Day Contest!!
Danielle submitted her Mom Marcella in our "Tell Us About Your Mom Contest".  Here is what she had to say..."My Mother is strong, selfless, and caring.  She always puts the needs of others before her own.  When we were younger our family fell on hard times after my father had multiple heart attacks...
Who Will You Honor For Military Appreciation Month?
KIXS 108, 5D Steakhouse, and Post-Acute Medical are honoring members of military. We have the ability to have freedom because Men and Women makes sacrifice daily for us to have rights. They dedicate their lives to protect and serve our country...
Promises, Promises
Once upon a time, a man's (or woman's) word was their bond. If one made a promise, and then didn't deliver on that promise, it was not only considered "bad form," but an extreme embarrassment. A cloud of shame could descend upon an entire family over one broken promise. But here, well into the 21st century, it seems that promises can be made and broken without much thought, be it in poli