Back in June, Brandy Bottone received a citation for using the high occupancy lane even though she was by herself,  Brandy stated there was another person in the car, pointing to her pregnant belly. When the officer looked inside the car he only saw Brandy. She was ultimately ticketed and she vowed to fight the tickets citing her unborn child now was recognized as a living person. She won the fight! Her ticket was dismissed in court.
The Dallas County District Attorney’s office moved to dismiss the ticket with the following legal language: “Based on a review of the facts and circumstances of this case, and the applicable law, the state moves to dismiss the case," as reported by NBC-DFW. However! Her fight is not over yet.  About a month later, she was ticketed for the same offense on a different thoroughfare. Bottone says the deputy who stopped her the second time knew exactly who she was and proceeded to give her another citation.  At this point, it is not clear if the second citation will be dismissed.
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About a week after the second citation, Brandy gave birth to a baby girl. She shared the news on Instagram with this caption. “My second passenger has arrived, we are so in love and will be spending all our time loving on baby girl."
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