Brandy Bottone posted the news of her daughter's birth on Instagram over the weekend. The post read “My second passenger has arrived, we are so in love and will be spending all our time loving on baby girl."

Back in June, Brandy Bottone received a citation for using the high occupancy lane even though she was by herself, or was she? Brandy stated there was another person in the car but when the officer looked inside the car he only saw Brandy. When asked about the second passenger Brandy remembers responding, "I was like, 'Uh, this!'" pointing to her belly. "I was like, 'Right here, here she is.' He just looked at me and responded "'Ma'am, it's two people outside of the body,' which is a weird way of wording it."

Bottone originally planned to fight the ticket during a July 20 traffic court hearing, but the proceedings were postponed. A new date has not been set. The question, is will she take the baby to court with her? We congratulate the Buttone family on the birth of their baby girl!  Do you think the ticket was justified or is she correct?  Let us know in the Facebook comments of this story.


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