They just felt like running!

Let's all give it up for the Port Aransas High School men's cross-country team after finishing their state meet in Round Rock this morning in 1st place! No doubt there will be some very happy team busses heading back towards the South Texas coast this afternoon.

Maybe the team will stop in Austin for some celebrating before heading back to Port A.

Paul "Pablito" Snow had the best finish for the team according to the Port Aransas South Jetty. You can also follow the title-winning finish by checking out the team stats at which helps track all the runners participating in state competitions.

Runners Kyler Spaeth finished in 10th place, Liam Shannon (24th place), Logan Berryhill (25th place), and Zach Childs (26th place) for the Port Aransas cross-country team.  Thomas McGrady finished 46th, and Gunner Belcher finished in 62nd place. Let me just say that if I were running cross-country, I'd still be coming around the first turn probably stopping to get sick in some hedgerow. I think cross country athletics are super cool. It takes skill, stamina, and determination to win a State Championship and these guys should feel super proud!

Our friends down at the Jetty were up against their publishing deadline when the results started to come in. They want all friends and family of the cross-country team to know they plan to do a more in-depth story on the team when the December 3rd edition of the paper is printed. Congrats again Port A! You've all earned extra Turkey and Pumpkin Pie (or Pecan)!

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