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A record-breaking 876 pound BEAST of a bluefin tuna was caught in Texas.

Of course. Because everything is bigger in Texas.

One Helluva Fish Tale!

It's a helluva fish tale to tell and one that fisherman Troy Lancaster will proudly be talking about for the rest of his life. And who could blame him? The bluefin tuna he caught on the boat " Quantified" has officially broken a record that was set back almost 30 years ago.

Here is one of the best parts.

When heading out on April 13 with Capt. Justin Drummond aboard the Quantified, Troy Lancaster, friends, and the crew were reportedly fishing for marlin so the hook was baited with live tuna intended for another fish altogether.

Photo Courtesy of Buzz Watch/Youtube
Photo Courtesy of Buzz Watch/Youtube

How long did it take to reel this massive beast in?

It looks like the battle between man and fish started at approximately 9 am and get this, the record-breaking tuna didn't lose the fight until 6 pm, 9 hours later!

Is the record official? You bet it is!

It does take a few days to sometimes weeks to be sure the records are correct so the Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation, who collected scientific data from the 19-year-old female bluefin tuna, had to be sure before they released their final report. This is what they had to say on their Facebook page, which you can check out here.

And I quote.

The best line from the Center post makes me laugh. Being married to a Capt. I know this to be TRUE. They offered, "We're sure this record will stand for a long time but are sure folks are out there trying to break it already!"

You better believe there are some fisher folks out at sea right at this very moment trying their luck. We wish them the best of luck as well. 9 hours to reel in one massive beast seems like an undertaking not many of us would be willing to try, but for a true fisherman... no day at sea is a bad day, especially when it's ALL day.

Here is a great video on the details from Buzz Watch on Youtube

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