It's time for another poll question from our listeners.  Our last listener poll voted KBs BBQ as the best BBQ in Victoria.  Here were the final results of that poll question.

1. KB's BBQ 39.11%, 2. Mumford's BBQ 32.16% 3.R N C BBQ (Food Truck) 22.36%
4. Uncle Mutt's 3.52% 5. Aunt Jo BBQ 2.85%


Now it is time to find the Best Burgers in Victoria.  Now I know that we have done this poll question before, however, it was not a fair poll. This time you will only be able to vote one time from your IP address. 

There have been many local places that have served amazing burgers that are no longer in Victoria.  The Texas Drive Inn, Rajun Cajun, S & J's in Victoria Mall, RJ's, and the place that used to be in front of Kroger and we miss those places dearly.
There are some burger joints that have stood the test of time and still stand today in Victoria, Dairy Treet, and Moo Moo.  Dairy Treet is located across the street from another Victoria icon, Dicks Food Store.  Alongside delicious burgers, Dairy Treet was privileged enough to serve the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Moo Moo now has two locations! Have you tried the M.O.A.B. ( Mother Of All Burgers)?  This is a chance for us to show some love to our local businesses.
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Take our poll and let us know where you think the best burgers in Victoria are and we will announce the 'official' listeners choice in a couple of weeks


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