While I was not 'raised' on Polka music (as so many here in South Texas have been), I must say I had a blast playing at the 3rd annual (and my 2nd-ever) Polka show at the Flag City Opry last night! Man, when you've got 3 or 4 horns (trumpets/saxes) playing along with the band, it sounds HUGE! I've come to realize that Czech/German Polka, Mexican Norteño, and much of Western Swing are all rooted in that same, strong, danceable 2-beat rhythm; with the occasional waltz thrown in so dancers can catch their breath! Music--in any language--feeds the soul!

In one of the songs we performed last night, the lyrics illustrate the Czechs' and Hispanics' musical styles being celebrated all the time in Texas. The song is called "Pivo and Kolaches," and the lyrics mention "pivo (Czech word for beer) and kolaches (a Czech pastry), cervezas and tamales..." It sums it all up perfectly!