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On a weekend trip about a month ago, with her best friends and family in tow, my 14-year-old started to feel bad. She couldn't really narrow it down but she said she just felt tired. No fever just tired.

Now keep in mind she is with these friends every day at school and we've been blessed to have these friends in our lives since they were little. The girls and their moms are like family to us, so it's not uncommon, especially when things were normal ( sigh this means over a year ago) we would hang, play, eat, and vacation together, especially in summer. These people are 'our tribe.'

By the time she got home, she started to run a low-grade fever. Hmmm.

I called the pediatrician and they said maybe it's best to test her for COVID. COVID? Really? She is a teenager.


As a safety precaution and honestly, I dragged her with me, my 18-year-old came to the doctor's appointment too.

I also took our tribe. The tribe tested negative.

My 18-year-old, who is bubbling with anticipation of graduation and super fit as a fiddle, agreed to test to get it out of the way.

Without any symptoms at all, she tested positive. WHAT?!?!

Apparently being asymptomatic and testing positive for COVID is more common in teens than I knew too.

Turns out, we are seeing an increase in COVID amongst youth throughout the country. On a side note for my 18-year-old, to be sure of the result, we tested her again, and again. Positive every time.

You can read multiple articles now on the subject of children and teens getting COVID now. Here is a good read from MPR you can view here.

After a day of steroids, my youngest was back to her old self and of course, aside from just being irritated as all get out, my 18-year-old took steroids too.

We quarantined for ten days together, but you know, separately.

Thankfully everyone is back to business with all negative tests now. I tested three times and was negative every time. Go figure.

It just never crossed my mind especially now that Texas has reopened as things are getting back to normal that my teens would get COVID.

Until this happened, I hadn't heard of anyone I knew with COVID in the last year.


We know we are exceptionally lucky and are praying for those who are not as fortunate as we were.

We're back to getting ready for graduation, my youngest turned a year older and things are back to normal.

We are just more vigilant now that we understand COVID can happen to anyone at any age.

So I thought I would share what I learned with you. COVID numbers are going down but that doesn't necessarily mean you should let your guard down too.

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