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Bluebonnets get all the love.

Sure, bluebonnets get all the love. They are the official state flower of Texas and have been gracing the roadways of our great state since the early 1900s. And okay okay, they are the main attraction at the Bluebonnet Festival in April in Burnet Texas every year. But are bluebonnets worth the hype? I mean have you ever smelled a bluebonnet?

Move over bluebonnets, there's a new festival in town.

There is another festival making a name for itself in Texas, in fact, the Hill Country is quickly becoming a hot spot for growing one exceptional fragrant flower. We're talking about lavender and Texas' Lavender Festival.

Did you know lavender is used to treat insomnia and back pain? What have bluebonnets done for you lately?

Texas Lavander Festival

In Texas, the town of Blanco is considered the 'Lavender Capital of Texas' and is home to a great festival each June with vendors, displays, tours, entertainment, when the entire town of Blanco and the surrounding countryside is absolutely bathed in lavender during the Lavender Festival.

The Blanco Lavender Festival is scheduled for June 11th through 13th.

The festival included the Lavender Market, on the grounds of the historic Blanco County Courthouse, which is always a must-see highlight of the festival. Selected vendors and artists from across the Hill Country offer lavender-related pleasures and treasures from the finest craftsmen. But check this out, Blanco isn't the only lavender festival planned for 2021. Lavender Ridge Farms in Gainsville will be hosting its own festival this year as well. Scheduled for May 29th through the 31st.  You can get more information by clicking here.

As more enthusiasts continue to grow lavender you can expect to see more festivals in the future. Who knows, maybe bluebonnets will finally get a run for their money!

Can't you just smell the lavender now?

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