There are lots of things outsiders just don't get about Texas.

Now there are some things even we can't explain, like why Texans insist on wearing flip flops, even in winter, or Texans' obsession with well, Texas, but we have narrowed down a few things for y'all as a courtesy.

And being courteous is as big IN Texas as Texas itself.

Which brings us to our first explanation about our Number EightMUMS.

Photo courtesy of ILS Mum by Sweet Occasions
Photo courtesy of ILS                        Mums by Sweet Occasions: Also a tradition, especially for Victorians.

Mums are worn for homecoming games when Texas schools celebrate their first home football game of the season. What started as a small corsage for the young ladies, has evolved into a massive bundle of ribbons, flowers, and whatever else you can hot glue onto ribbon for girls AND boys ( boys wear them on their arms).

It's not uncommon during homecoming games to see the top of a student's head accompanied by just a colossal walking mum. I mean, these things are beyond massive. I wish I could explain why we go all out like this. Either way, reason or not, it's almost a right of passage, and we just do it. As they say, "Everything is bigger in Texas."

Photo courtesy of Youtube/KHOU11
Photo courtesy of Youtube/KHOU11

Next up, Number Seven- Whataburger Number Collection.

If you live or have lived in Texas, you know about "What-a-numbers." These are plastic numbers your cashier hands you when you while you wait for your food to be made. Well, in Texas, for some reason, we just feel this unnecessary urge to take them. Check out this article in Texas Monthy as Whataburger acknowledges the trend here. Well, as they say, "One thing leads to another", then you realize you want specific numbers, which leads to needing an entire collection of numbers, which spirals into full-blown, semi-klepto, addiction. On behalf of all Texans, we apologize to Whataburger.

Photo courtesy of Youtube/OneSevenThree
Photo courtesy of Youtube/OneSevenThree

And then there is our glorious gas station straight from heaven, Number Six- Buc-ee’s.

That sacred beaver is our unofficial mascot, and he deserves all the love and care we can give to him. That means it is a mandatory stop when passing any Buc-ee’s station, whether you need to buy something or not. When non-natives visit me, Wharton Buc-ee’s is a must-see place. The people are so friendly, the stores are so massive, and the bathrooms, don’t even get me started on the bathrooms.


 Number Five- How many hours is it from Victoria? Round these parts, we measure distance by the hours we drive.

Texas is so colossal that what would typically constitute a plane ticket, we just call a 'road trip' within our own state. Measuring the distance in miles really is not how we do things in this neck of the woods; instead, we choose which way to go based on time. Nothing like a 'quick' 5 hour trip to Dallas to get the weekend rolling.

Young people grilling outdoors

Number Four- We're serious about our BBQ Standards.

Texans do not mess around when it comes to their barbeque. It is a delicate procedure, and it is an art. The standards that have been placed on Texas barbeque are set extremely high and do not waver. Texans understand that other states make barbeque, but no one does it better than the lone star state.

Group of young friends having traditional dinner on Thanksgiving Day

Number Three- Texas Hospitality- There ain't nothing like it.

Texas hospitality is alive and well. It is engraved into our character inside the womb; we radiate hospitality. Regardless of age, people are referred to as ma'am or sir. Hospitality doesn't stop at vocabulary, oh no, Texans will bend over backward for house guests to ensure that have a pleasant stay and assure they will want to come back for seconds.


Number Two, Texas Tea.

Our hospitality isn't the only sweet thing about Texans. When it comes to tea, we do not play around. Go ahead and break out the whole bag of sugar, and do not stop pouring until it's empty. Maybe that's the secret to our overall state's sweetness?

Texas Bluebonnets


Number One- Springtime Bluebonnet Photoshoot

During the springtime, those beautiful little bluebonnets sprout along the highways in Texas. This almost always calls for at least one impromptu photoshoot in the blue field; pull on over and turn on those hazards. We can compare this years to the same one we took when we were five. It's a Texas tradition.

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Thank you to our intern Alexandria Salinas for her contribution to this article.

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