With Apple releasing the iOS 7.0 update today, and the new line of iPhones this Friday, the automated voice of "Siri" will be heard a lot in the next few days. But did you know the synthesized 'voice' of Siri has an actual human voice behind her? Meet the professional voice actor whose voice is becoming one of the most-heard the world over!

Screen shot: YouTube

Meet the "real" Siri...her name is Allison Dufty, and she possesses the "voice" that launches millions of apps, answers tricky questions (try asking Siri, "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"), reads messages, and gives directions to the lost and confused. The entire process of synthesizing the human voice is fascinating, but if you just want to see Allison/Siri at work, skip ahead to 3:30 into the video.