We thought it would fun to show you just how easy it is to actually play to win for prizes here at KIXS 108 starting with our big Dierks At Your House Experience that you still have 6 DAYS to play AND CAN STILL WIN!

Now the folks around here will tell you that I'm not exactly  "tech savvy " so I'm here to tell you, if I can do it, you can too!

In fact,  I'll go ahead and commit to videotaping all the contests we have coming up throughout the year if you'll commit to playing them!

Hey you can't win if you don't play and someone always WINS!

It wouldn't be ANY fun if they didn't.

The Dierk's At Your House is SUPER EASY and one of my favorite parts of the morning each morning is giving the 7:20 CODE out to our listeners. You need that code for a chance to win an experience that money just can't buy. If you miss a code DO NOT WORRY! You don't need every code to win. In fact, each code gives you a new chance to win. The more you play the more chances you have to win. EASY!

The winner of Dierk's At Your House will win Dierks LIVE streamed into your home for you and up to TEN of your friends. You get to have a great time with Dierks via social distancing. And right now, being streamed via social media is the ONLY way you can interact with artists like Dierks Bentley until all this COVID-19 crud is over and live concerts are a thing again!

I've included a video on how to enter and how to play to win Dierks At Your House, but step one is downloading the KIXS108 app to your phone. It's easy peezy, just click on KIXS 108 in the app store or google play. AND as a bonus you can always holler at us on the App if you have questions.

Again, if I can do it, you can do it! Except I can't really do it because I work here and I'm not allowed to play to win however... if YOU WIN and I just happen to be one of your ten friends invited to Dierks At Your House that's a whole other story! LOL

Kidding not kidding.

Anyway, check out the video here and GOOD LUCK! SOMEONE IS GOING TO WIN AND I'D LOVE IT TO BE YOU!

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