Video: Fast Food Ads vs. Reality
We've all seen the ads for the various major fast food restaurants. The pictures of their menu items look so amazingly delicious! Why, you can just smell the wonderful aroma of fresh, juicy beef...warm, fluffy buns, and crisp, farm-fresh lettuce, tomato and onion, right? Well, I think you'll agree t…
“Dear Kitten” Viral Video
If you haven't yet seen this video, you need to. It's so well done, from the filming to the editing, and from the writing to the voice-over actor, this is a really great, funny piece. Okay, sure, it actually turns out to be an advertisement for Friskies® cat food, but who cares? The concept of and o…
Video: Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack
We've all read or heard stories about dogs doing such heroic acts as warning their family of a fire or other danger in the house, or finding people buried alive in some disaster. There are even quiet, everyday canine heroes who assist those with physical or other disabilities, such as visual impairm…
Video: Mayflower Arkansas Tornado Drone Footage
Having spent nine years in northeast Arkansas, the killer storms last night brought great concern, as we have so many friends there. Thankfully, the worst of the storms passed to the north of our former hometown of Jonesboro; but sadly, other areas were devastated. Check out this amazing aerial foot…
Powerful Video: I Fought For You
This may be the most powerful four minutes and fifteen seconds of video I've ever seen. Please take a few minutes to watch, and I think you'll agree. Three words we can never say too often: "Thank you, Veterans!"
‘The Simpsons’ Lego Set Time-Lapse Video
With The LEGO Movie topping the box office charts for--what, three weeks in a row?--I found this video of a woman assembling The Simpsons LEGO house. This time-lapse video shrinks the entire 10-hour project (with 2,523 pieces!) down to just a couple of minutes.

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