In a story first reported by the Victoria Advocate, the wildly popular TACO-LICIOUS is being forced to change their name.   Effective on Tuesday, the new name of the taco hot spot will be DON LUPE-LICIOUS.  This action comes after one of the owners, Authur Calvo, received a call from an attorney in San Fransisco.  Apparently, the owners of the San Fransisco based TACO-LICIOUS filed copyright infringement against the Victoria-based business.

The only thing that will change is the name, everything else will stay the same.  In just two years the taco spot has become a very popular spot in Victoria. While Don Lupe-Licious is home to the Heart Serg(named after their youngest son), which is one of the most decadent tacos in Victoria.  My personal favorite is the Joe G special: bacon, egg, beans, sausage, potatoes, and cheese.  Talk about a breakfast of champions!  I reached out to find out what their most popular taco and found out, sometimes less is more.  Their most popular taco on the menu is bacon and egg.

A friend of mine who has moved around the state, once said that the 'breakfast taco game in Victoria is one of the strongest in the state.' I agree!  It's time for you to help me out Crossroads, take our poll below and let us know who you think has the best breakfast tacos in Victoria for 2020.

 Only ONE vote will be counted per IP Address, to make this as fair as possible. 

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