Listen to me, Skeeter Nash, Tuesday morning (4/3/14) between 9:00-10:00 a.m. Sometime during that hour, I'll play Steve Wariner's song, "Holes in the Floor of Heaven." When you hear it start to play, start calling (361) 573-0108. If you're the 10th caller, you'll win a pair of tickets to see Steve Wariner live this Saturday (4/5/14) at Schroeder Hall!

You'll also win a pair of meet 'n' greet passes to meet Steve Wariner himself! So, make sure your radio is locked on KIXS 108 and your phone is easily within reach Tuesday morning between 9 and 10! And good luck from the Country Leader, KIXS 108!

Just in case you've never "Holes in the Floor of Heaven" (or can't remember how the song goes), here's a live performance for you: