As many of you know and may have celebrated National Night Out before, this year things are looking different due to the pandemic.

National Night Out is supposed to be a community-police awareness-raising event but Victoria Police Department is putting their own spin on things as social distancing guidelines are still being enforced.

Texas and other areas usually celebrate National Night Out on the first Tuesday in August. NNO was canceled as soon as it was rescheduled and pushed back to October 6th.

Now called National Night In, the Victoria Police Department is requesting homeowners leave their porch lights on or install blue light bulbs to show solidarity, on the eve of October 6th. Beginning at 5:30 p.m, running until 8:30 p.m., the police department plans to parade multiple neighborhoods within the crossroads.

The map of the parade will be located on their Facebook page on the day of the parade. As this night is meant to enhance the relationship between members of the community and law enforcement, the Victoria Police Department encourages you to join them in their efforts to support solidarity within the community. The official website for National Night Out states that it “triumphs over a culture that isolates us from each other and allows us to rediscover our own communities.” Community is encouraged here in Victoria and as you are invited to discover yours, you may find yourself with a new friend and a bigger sense of the word home.

Thanks to our fine intern Lorin Walker for her contribution to this article.

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