Texas has begun to reopen more services throughout the state, and Victoria ER 24 Hour Emergency Center is available to ensure you have not contracted COVID-19. For every emergency that you are experiencing, Victoria ER is here for you.

Victoria ER continues to protect our community by offering each patient access to our Curbside Screening Service, along with the ability to be tested if you have a current COVID-19 infection. If you are returning back to work or want to make sure you are safe to visit loved ones, the Antibody Detection Test can tell you within ten minutes if you have had a previous COVID-19 infection from the antibodies in your system.

Curbside Screening Service has been established at Victoria ER 24 Hour Emergency Center. We understand the hesitation to visit a doctor during a pandemic, but maintaining your health is our priority. Our Curbside Screening Service allows any patient to seek treatment without leaving the comfort of their own vehicle unless emergency services are necessary. Our staff will make you feel safe and know that each room inside of our facility is sanitized after every patient and our staff always wears the appropriate personal protective equipment.

The COVID-19 Virological Test available at Victoria ER 24 Hour Emergency Center are used on patients who report the symptoms that align with the virus such as, cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, and a new loss of taste or smell. It is best to call our facility before your arrival so our staff may prepare for you to assess you through our Curbside Screening Service.

The Antibody Detection Tests is available to all our patients, which will help them know if they have had a previous COVID-19 infection. As people are returning to work, or are around their loved ones, the Antibody Test will determine within ten minutes if you have antibodies against the virus. Antibodies present in the blood signify that there are proteins throughout your immune system that are critical for fighting and clearing the virus.

Victoria ER is available day or night for every emergency you or a loved one may be going through. Experience the concierge care and no wait time for every visit. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions at 361-214-3813.

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