This morning I had Joel Nava join me on air.  He will be the first act to take the Coors Light Main Stage on Friday night at Bootfest!  He takes the stage around 6:15!  He is no stranger to being on stage.  He really busted out on the scene in the early 90s, his first album boasted airplay on nation-wide country radio.  This album also broke the tejano scene wide open for him, with his smash hit "Para Que"  Joel was easily playing for crowds of more that a thousand fans on a nightly basis.  He released a 2nd album under the Arista label, this album was aimed more for the tejano demographic.   Now if you have heard this man sing, he kills it when it comes to George Strait,Keith Whitley, and Gary Stewart and has one of the best singing voices I have heard.  Joel, took some time off from music and has re-emerged once again.  He already has started playing the dance hall circuit(what's left of those dance halls, that is)  He has recently signed with Ro Records, based out of San Antonio.  His first album takes him back to his tejano roots, but his second album will offer  his signature country sound and also Texas Country music as well!   A shout out to his hometown of Port Lavaca, where is also known as "El Hijo De Port Lavaca."  This morning we also featured Jarrod Birmingham on the Montana Mike's Texas Tune.  KIXS 108, keeping it live and local!