Let me start out this article by saying that I am a huge Bob Ross fan!  I appreciate his positive outlook on life, his sayings,and of course, his painting skills.  If you listen on air, you will hear me drop a Bob Ross reference at least twice a week.

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Last night, my daughter brought home painting supplies and said, 'lets have a family painting night?'  I knew exactly what I was going to to do!   I pulled out my phone and pulled up a Bob Ross YouTube video and followed it step by step.

Let me start by saying that  I had a small canvas, only 6 six colors and no fancy palette to mix colors like Bob.  So, Without further adieu...


Here is what it was supposed to look like...


The name of this painting is 'Peaceful Reflections,' Mine is NOT LOL!

Here is the full video that I watched

I am going to close out this article by saying, I watch Bob Ross on YouTube regularly 😊.