Despite Abbott's order to close down rivers on Friday, tubing continues!  The order reads "People shall not use commercial rafting or tubing services, including rental of rafts or tubes and transportation of people for the purpose of rafting or tubing." However a couple of businesses have found their way around it.

courtesy of kxan
courtesy of kxan

As reported by tubing is still happening on the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers.  How is this happening?

A few tubing outfitters are providing entry and parking, you bring your own tube. Some of the places are offering a few 'extras' like air pumps, or are selling tubes.

Of the places selling some of these services is the Tube Haus,   They are charging $20 per vehicle to park and $5 to air up a single seat tube and $10 for double.

What are your thought about their decision?


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