So close you could almost feel the sensation of dipping your toes in the water! Nope! Take that inner tube back to the garage right now.

COVID-19 numbers are going haywire in Texas causing Governor Abbott to close down bars, limit restaurant capacity at 50%, and completely shut down the tubing and rafting businesses along Texas rivers and lakes. I see you 4th of July! So close!

The writing was on the wall a couple of days ago as we saw river parks in San Marcos and the New Braunfels are close down on their own, but now the rest of the state gets to join them in being closed for one of the biggest weekends of the summer.

A new record number of cases was reported on Wednesday of this week when 5,551 new positive cases of coronavirus went on the books. Some cities near lakes and rivers have already started to announce the temporary closure of such attractions for the Fourth of July much like the city officials in Boerne have done by closing their lake for the holiday weekend ahead of time according to 

Governor Abbott says he is confident that if Texans come together that the state can reduce the spread of COVID-19. It is something we have all done once already. We can do it again.

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