It may not officially be summertime just yet, but here in Texas, we start things a bit early. We pack our beaches ahead of time and fill our rivers with tubes once springtime hits. Everyone loves the river; you pack your sunscreen and hit the road for the Frio, and spend hours floating along the smooth ripples of water.

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Since the summer rays are about to start shining down soon, it's best to get yourself into high gear. Nothing is worse than showing up at your destination only to find out you forgot something. You have two options: waste some time and find a store to buy your missing item (and expect to pay some hiked up prices while you're at it) or go on without your forgotten item and have a little regret the entire time(you better hope it wasn't sunscreen!)
Have no fear; we have got a list compiled of the absolute necessities you will need for your epic day on the river. Some of these can be found in stores like Academy or even HEB, so online shopping won't be necessary for everything! Check all these items off your list, and you will be sure to have the best time just floating your day away.


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