Now here is an interesting video you can take a few ways.  Is it bad parenting or just a parent having fun with her kid?  A Miami Hurricane fan actually gives her son a beer funnel full of Capri Sun. 

Ok so the beer funnel might have been a little too much but it was only a Capri sun.  The bad part of it is that he sees his parents do it with beer so he wants to be involved as well.  Will this lead the kid to alcohol that much easier.  I'm not the one to judge but it certainly doesn't help.  How do you realize as a parent that this is probably a bad idea. 

Now there is a good outcome of this.  That the kid isn't being neglected.  It appears that the mother has a good relationship with her son which is always a good thing.  I don't know how much Capri Sun they put in there but that kid will be a pro really soon.  As a former record holder of beer funnels I can say I'm proud even if it isn't alcohol. 

What about that ridiculous shirt he has on too.  I mean come on.  The parents also have a horrible taste when it comes to college sports.   Capri funnels and hurricanes.  jeesh.  So what is your take on this.  Bad parenting or just good times?