It seems that we are learning of a new scam every week. The latest scam I have actually seen on my Facebook Timeline quite a few times.  This post looks and sounds legit.  If you pay real close attention you can see subtle differences.

As reported by KHOU, The fake page uses the company's logo and name, but if you look closely, you'll notice the page name is "Texas Roadhouse's" instead of just "Texas Roadhouse" — without the apostrophe and S at the end. If you are just scrolling real quick, chances are you won't even notice it.  As of this morning, the fake page with the scam was still up. Here is how the scam read...

'Meal for two with drinks voucher offer for everyone!'

Facebook Photo
Facebook Photo

When you click the link that is where the trouble starts. The link is for a person to fill out the information. DON'T GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION. 

Texas Roadhouse has issued a warning on its Facebook page.


You’ll receive a Venmo request you weren’t expecting from a friend. The friend will ask for money using an excuse such as they lost their wallet, there’s an emergency, etc. The profile photo and name will look familiar to the real account. Before you send anything, make sure to check their username carefully.

Protect yourself:

  • Always double-check with your friend or family member first and only send money to those you know and are expecting to.
  • Enable additional security settings such as multi-factor authentication, requiring a PIN, or fingerprint recognition like Touch ID.

Get more information about CashApp and Venmo scams by clicking here.

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