As I was writing an Amber Alert this morning that KIXS 108 reports on as we receive notifications, a new notification appeared with a report offering that although an Amber Alert had been issued by the San Antonio Police Department for two-year-old Aurora Lee Lopez who went missing Friday morning around 12:15 am, she has been found safe.

Police believed she may have been with 49-year-old Sherry Lee McGill who was driving a black, 2012 Honda Accord with a Texas license plate number of KTR2989. After the Amber Alert was issued, the Department of Public Safety troopers were on the lookout and found the suspect after a traffic stop earlier this Friday morning on Interstate 35 in Central Texas. The troopers initiated a traffic stop and the driver pulled off the highway and stopped at a gas station. Aurora Lopez was found inside the vehicle and the suspect was positively identified as Sherry Lee McGill. Sherry McGill is Aurora's grandmother.

Although the circumstances and details are unknown at this time, it's a relief knowing that Aurora has been found, presumably safe, and unharmed.

In memory of the death of Amber Hagerman, the letters of Amber's name can be seen within the title of the program, America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Amber Alerts networks in Texas were ordered by former Texas Governor, Rick Perry in 2002.

If you would like to know what the criteria is for an Amber Alert to be issued in Texas, read below;

  • Is this child 17 years of age or younger, whose whereabouts are unknown, and whose disappearance law enforcement has determined to be unwilling which poses a credible threat to the child's safety and health; and if abducted by a parent or legal guardian, was the abduction in the course of an attempted murder or murder?
    Is this child 13 years of age or younger, who was taken (willingly or unwillingly) without permission from the care and custody of a parent or legal guardian by:

    • Someone unrelated and more than three years older,
    • Another parent or legal guardian who attempted or committed a murder at the time of the abduction?
  • Is this child in immediate danger of sexual assault, death or serious bodily injury?
  • Has a preliminary investigation verified the abduction and eliminated alternative explanations for the child's disappearance?
  • Is sufficient information available to disseminate to the public to help locate the child, a suspect, or the vehicle used in the abduction?

The criteria are tough to read but I never knew all of the details and thought I'd share in the hopes that any time we share these alerts and information with our community we can be more helpful and educated.

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