With Halloween around the corner, this is the perfect time to bring up Haunted Places in the Crossroads.  I am a huge fan of paranormal investigations and ghost hunts and as a teen and young adult, I used to cruise the streets of Victoria late night and early mornings looking for haunts.  From the Old Hauschild Opera Houe(formerly Golden Gecko), Salem Bridge, Fox Road,  Carver Park, and a little cemetery in Silver City in the middle of the night, I definitely had some very interesting experiences.

Here are a couple of experiences that happened when other people were with me, so these events can be confirmed by others.

Salem Bridge: A group of friends and I drove out to the Salem bridge one night, back before it was reconstructed.  We stopped on the bridge and got out.  After a few minutes, it got so cold, we could see our breath!  We got right back in our car and the outdoor temperature said 54 degrees.  The actual temperature was in the upper 70's that night.  We drove off and the temperature display in our car went back up to 78. Freaky! 

Carver Park: This was a park that was located off of Pleasant Green and sat pretty much abandon until it was torn down, I believe in the late '90s.  My best friend, my wife, and I went one morning after midnight on a very still evening.  There was no wind, and as we walked around, out of nowhere the old merry-go-round just starts to spin. I know I wanted to experience this stuff, but it scared the crap out of me and we were out.

...and my absolute favorite experience happened not in the Crossroads, but in Corpus Christi aboard the USS Lexington.

USS Lexington: This was experienced by my wife, my best friend, and myself.  We decided to make a trip to tour Lady Lex, while they were filming the Blockbuster hit 'Pearl Harbor'.  It was a Sunday and we were walking the tour, like usual.  We decide to take make a turn and head into the library. We have a nice conversation with a man who had so many interesting things to say. We walk out, and we turned back around to ask another question.  It had been no more than thirty seconds, the man was gone. It was a small room with no entrance or exits other than the one we were standing at.  We told an employee at the end of the tour and she said, the library is closed today and nobody is in there.  Talk about a really cool experience.  

Whether you believe in this type of thing or not, definitely something to think about.

Have you ever had and paranormal or ghostly experience in Victoria or the Crossroads area?  Tell us below.

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