The Yorktown Hospital is hosting Halloween at the Hosptial on Halloween night, Just in case you didn't know, Yorktown Memorial Hospital is one of the most haunted places in Texas and has been featured on Ghost Adventures and Destination Fear on the Travel Channel.  This year it's going to be awesome because Halloween is on a Saturday night. Purchase your advanced tickets now!

It is believed, by many, that Yorktown Memorial Hospital is filled with the spirits of those who died inside those walls.  When it opened in the 1950's Yorktown Memorial Hospital was a rehabilitation center for those who suffered from drug and alcohol abuse. The building was eventually abandoned in the 1980s.

There have been reports of talking dolls, black apparitions, and red glowing eyes.  Many visitors have reported some kind of experience.  Do you have what it takes to hang out at Yorktown Memorial Hospital on Halloween night?

No Reservations are needed for Halloween night, however, you must call and purchase your tickets in advance 210 748-4475.   You must call for all bookings, information, and ticket purchasing in advance.

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If paranormal investigations are your thing, check out this upcoming overnight investigation aboard the USS Lexington on Saturday, September 26th.

Overnight guests will be provided a berthing compartment, continental breakfast, and the opportunity to tour the ship in the light of day the next day.  This evening is dedicated to those who served and may still be aboard...if you dare, join em!

Get more information by visiting the USS Lexington on Facebook.

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