If you are all about Halloween this event is for you.  It's a haunt like no other! The USS Lexington will go haunted from October 11th through November 2nd with a ghost ship tour that you will never forget.  Do you have what it takes? Here is the cool part, you will have access to spaces never before opened to the public. You will go through over 80 compartments on 2 decks of the World War II-era aircraft carrier. You should be ready to handle steep ladders, dark corridors, creaky hatchways, and unimaginable sights, screams, and sounds. This is an intense haunted experience – think twice before enlisting!  This ship is already creepy before you make it more 'haunted.'  Get more information by clicking here or visiting their Facebook page. Check out a 'paranormal experience' that I had at Lady Lex.


The Yorktown Hospital will once again be hosting Halloween at the Hospital.  Time will be from 6 p.m. to midnight and admission will be $20 at the door. More details coming soon or you can call 210-748-4475 between 11 AM - 6 PM. There have been reports of talking dolls, black apparitions, and red glowing eyes.  Many visitors have reported some kind of experience.  Do you have what it takes to hang out at Yorktown Memorial Hospital on Halloween night?
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USS Lexington Experience: This was experienced by my wife, my best friend, and myself.  We decided to make a trip to tour Lady Lex, while they were filming the Blockbuster hit 'Pearl Harbor'.  It was a Sunday and we were walking the tour, like usual.  We decide to take make a turn and head into the library. We have a nice conversation with a man who had so many interesting things to say. We walk out, and we turned back around to ask another question.  It had been no more than thirty seconds, the man was gone. It was a small room with no entrance or exits other than the one we were standing at.  We told an employee at the end of the tour and she said, the library is closed today and nobody is in there.  Talk about a really cool experience.  

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