Employees are once again singing the praises of one of the state's most beloved chains after receiving what is being called the largest pay increase in H-E-B history according to a statement online.

KSAT reports that the hourly pay increases provided by H-E-B to its employees as part of the Texas Proud Pay program will now become a permanent wage increase!

It all started with a $2 pay increase back on March 16th which was then extended through June 21st. On Monday, H-E-B announced they would transition this program to long-term employees as the staff continues to work on the front line during the pandemic.

You can read the press release from the San Antonio based company here.

Stores like Walmart and Target who are also in the San Antonio area have opted not to release any information about employees who have tested positive for the virus and have left any official announcements about positive cases to local health departments.

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