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June 3rd 2022

Gonzalo Lopez has been found and killed by authorities after police suspected Lopez had killed a family of five, which included innocent children while on the loose, giving them clues to his location.

Sadly, it does not seem at this time that the murdered family of five had anything to do with Lopez or his gang affiliations.


UPDATE: The search for Gonzalo Lopez continues and multiple news sources note that this is the most intense MANHUNT in the last 20 years.

Like a Scary Scene Out of A Movie

It's almost like a scene out of a Hollywood movie, but this story is very real and a very big deal. So big in fact that schools in Centerville Texas have shut down as authorities continue to scour their community for an escaped convicted killer considered armed and dangerous.

Killer At Large In Texas 

Gonzalo Lopez, 46, who had been convicted for capital murder was on board a prison bus headed for Huntsville when incredibly, he slipped out of his shackles.

Lopez had been convicted of capital murder and given a life sentence for killing a man with a pickax after not receiving the ransom he wanted over a drug debt.

What was Lopez doing on the bus?

"Lopez was on his way in between prisons, from Gatesville to Huntsville for a medical appointment," the Washington Post clarifies.

This is where it gets crazy intense. 

Lopez, now freed from his shackles, proceeds to the front of the bus, in front of over a dozen additional inmates, and stabs the bus driver in the hand trying to get the bus driver's gun!

The Bus Hits A Ditch and Lopez Ditches The Scene

After an unsuccessful struggle with the bus driver for his gun, the prison bus veered off the road in Leon County, about 110 miles into the 160-mile trip. Lopez then forced the bus into a ditch on Highway 7 right outside of Centerville which is about halfway from Houston to Dallas.

The search for Lopez continues

Lopez who was last seen running across a nearby pasture has not been found, yet, but authorities are asking that anyone who has information or happens to see Lopez not to take action but to instead call the local authorities or 911.
He is considered extremely dangerous.
We will keep you posted! Here is the KHOU11 report on Youtube for more info.

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