As part of their school day on Thursday, Victoria ISD eighth-grade students will attend the Dream Big Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Expo at the Victoria College Health Science Building (2200 N. Red River St.). They'll be learning about great career opportunities in the STEM fields that are available in the Crossroads region.

This event is also being offered from 5:30-7:30 in the evening for high school students, college students, or anyone in the community wanting to learn about these job opportunities. The focus of the Expo will be on careers in welding, process technology, instrumentation/electrical, medical, law enforcement, and logistics and assembly. There's no mention of anything to do with a career as a radio personality, but there is a need for skilled technical engineers to install and maintain broadcasting and other telecommunications equipment!

Area companies and agencies that will be represented to speak to the students include Alcoa, Dow, Formosa, Invista, the City of Victoria police and fire departments, DeTar Health Center, Citizens Medical Center and Caterpillar. Counselors from VISD and reps from Texas Workforce Solutions will be there to visit with parents about their child's courses.

Contact Lanell Mantey at (361) 572-8232 for more information.

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