In a video that has now gone viral, you see a police officer making a Door Dash Delivery after the Door Dash driver was arrested by that same officer. According to a Facebook post by Josh Walters, the couple was enjoying a kidless evening and decided to door dash and watch a movie.  When the doorbell rang they saw a cop on the camera and rushed to the door thinking that something was wrong with one of the kids. Thank goodness that wasn't the case.

Upon opening the door, The Alvin Police Officer said “good evening, did you order door dash?” Josh says yes with a confused look on his face. To which the officer responds: " Well your door dash drivers going to jail, but I wanted to get you your food.' A great laugh and a great example of the officer going out of his way.  After the food was delivered the app still stated 'still arriving. Which was not the case. This is something that happens more than you think. Just search YouTube.

According to KHOU in Houston, Alvin PD Captain Todd Arendell downplayed the interaction, saying it wasn't a big deal and that the officer was just doing his job. "It was a nice thing to do," Arendell said. "It's what people should do."

Last week, San Antonio, Bexar County Deputy, 21-year-old Mario Sepulveda was arrested for selling drugs to an inmate for money. The arrest comes after two months of investigation that began with an initial tip on June 21. At that point, Investigators began monitoring communications between Sepulveda, the inmate in question, and a third party. Maybe he forgot that he was in a jail and that everything is monitored. I guess you could file this one in the dumb criminals category. Read more.

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