By the looks of this mug shot, he looks amused that he was caught!  As reported by KENS-TV in San Antonio, Bexar County Deputy,  21-year-old Mario Sepulveda was arrested for selling drugs to an inmate for money.  The arrest comes after two months of investigation that began with an initial tip on June 21. At that point,  Investigators began monitoring communications between Sepulveda, the inmate in question, and a third party. Maybe he forgot that he was in a jail and that everything is monitored.  I guess you could file this one in the dumb criminals' category.

Bexar County Sherrif's Department
Bexar County Sherrif's Department

According to the article, the investigation gained steam when deputies intercepted phone calls and uncovered "a rudimentary code" to determine how the substances in question were to be brought in. One instance included a pizza box  A search of the inmate's cell revealed synthetic marijuana and meth "stuffed inside a mattress."

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At the time of his arrest, Sepulveda, who was still a probationary deputy after starting with the force in April of 2021. He was fired on July 18th after a search of his car connected him to the alleged operation.  It wasn't until this week that authorities had enough evidence to obtain an arrest warrant. He has been hit with multiple felony charges and the inmate was charged with possession.

Last week, a Corpus Christi attorney spent some time behind bars for human smuggling.  This arrest when viral this past Saturday. Read the full story by clicking here.


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