Earlier this week, a video surfaced of two deer that are apparently fighting for food. At first, it looks like poetry is in motion until they start throwing punches.  Gay Isber Miller of Sommerville captured the footage during a family get-together at her home. As reported by the NY Post.  Miller also said, “We’ve seen it once before that same kind of a fight with them on their hind legs, but that was two bucks so this time we were like ‘look at that, it’s girls that are fighting.’ What’s unique and funny about this is they’re on their hind legs, and they’re in such a fighting mood…they look like alien people.”

How about random facts about deer here in South Texas. Our great state has the biggest white-tailed deer, due to the protein in the brush that the deer eat there. Did you know that Whitetail deer use their tails flags? When you see that flash of white, you know that the deer has seen you and is warning the rest of the herd to be on the lookout.

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Finally, their antlers are used to fight off other males. The deer will shed their antlers from January to March and grow a new set of antlers in the spring. The new antlers are covered in a velvet-like material that sloughs off eventually.

Have you ever captured a fun or fighting moment of an animal on camera? If so, please submit the video alongside the story and we could feature it on our website and on-air.  Email me at JP@townsquaremedia.com

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