The Victoria Police are on the hunt for a person or persons who robbed the Everest Food Mart on Airline Road. reports the crime happened around 3:41 AM on Thursday morning. An alarm alerted officers to activity at the food mart and when they arrived they saw a white van crashed into the store's front entrance.

Damage to the front entrance is described as severe. Crews have already started work on the repairs as our radio station staff observed when we drove past to take some photos like the one below.

TSM - W. Adams
TSM - W. Adams

Victoria Police are certain the van was used to crash through the doors so that someone could gain access to the food mart. It's not clear at this time if whoever went inside stole anything or how much.

This marks the second time in just a couple of months that we have seen a story about people driving through the front door of convenience stores in Victoria, Texas. The last one was a much different circumstance. That crash involved an elderly woman who didn't hit the breaks in time to avoid crashing into the front door on Cimmaron Express over on John Stockbauer.

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