Sunday mornings from 8:00 a.m. to  noon, KIXS 108 brings you "Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40." The show has been a staple of our weekend programming for many, many years. This year marks 40 years since Bob started "countin' down the hits," and a who's who of Country music and radio luminaries turned out the thank this radio legend.

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Virtually every arm of the Country music industry turned out MONDAY night (2/17), to celebrate 40 YEARS of BOB KINGSLEY counting down the hits.


Host of his self-titled, WESTWOOD ONE distributed, “BOB KINGSLEY’s COUNTRY TOP 40" since 2006 and “AMERICAN COUNTRY COUNTDOWN” before that, KINGSLEY has been a weekly staple on Country radio since 1974. During those years, he's established himself as a friend to artists, an advocate for songwriters and ardant supporter of charitable causes, most notably, THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT.


All of these contributions were saluted MONDAY night, with a diverse roster of more than 50 special guests which included radio, labels, artists, songwriters and members of KINGSLEY's production team, appearing both in person and via recorded messages. After a video sharing BOB’s background prior to radio was shown, a string of artists spanning the past 40 years performed.

The list of performers is astounding! The very humble Bob Kingsley even had to be "tricked" into coming the the event at the Grand Ole Opry House. Read all about it at the link below, and be sure to tune in every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. to hear Bob Kingsley's The Country Top 40.

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