Gov. Greg Abbott has officially signed a bill that will allow holstered handguns to be carried in Texas without a permit!  Abbott will sign the bill into law in true Texas fashion.  Abbott will hold a bill signing ceremony at the Alamo in San Antonio this afternoon for the permitless carry measure and several other gun bills.

This new law will take effect on September 1st, 2021.  House Bill 1927 will allow anyone 21 years old or older who can legally possess a firearm in Texas to carry a handgun in public without a permit. Current state law allows residents 21 or older to carry a handgun only after completing the required training and criminal background check to obtain a license to carry.

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The new bill will direct the Texas Department of Public Safety to create a free, online gun safety course, but training is no longer required to carry a handgun. Businesses can prohibit guns by posting a sign.  You can read more about House Bill 1927 by clicking here. Original story provided by the Statesman.

In a previous article about House bill 1927, Kevin Lawrence, the Executive Director of the Texas Municipal Police Association wasn't totally on board. Stating “The problem is that the bad guys want to carry guns too,”  “There has to be a way of determining who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy.” This is absolutely a valid point but at the same time, most bad guys don't obtain their firearms through legal channels.

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