This is the latest update from the NWS: 6/18/24 at 11 AM.

According to the Nationa Weather Service, minor coastal flooding has already begun along the coast with water levels approaching beach access roads. Most of the remaining hazards will begin tonight as the initial rain bands move inland along the mid-Texas Coast.  Expect repeated bands of heavy rain and gusty winds to move inland and across South Texas through the day Wednesday and Wednesday Night.

Due to anticipated high rainfall rates, flash flooding will be possible.  There will also be a marginal risk for Tornadoes on Wednesday. The risk for coastal flooding will increase significantly Tonight and water levels will remain high through Thursday.

Rainfall accumulations of 8-9" along the Coastal Bend with localized rainfall amounts up to 15". Across the rest of the region, the Victoria Crossroads could see accumulations of 6-8" through Thursday, while the Brush Country could have amounts as high as 4-6".

Tornadoes may occur on Wednesday afternoon.

South Texas Impacts:

Winds: Sustained winds of 35 mph with gusts to 50 mph possible along the coast. Sustained winds of 40 knots with gusts to 50 knots over marine areas.

Conditions are to deteriorate this evening.

Expect conditions to deteriorate tonight as the initial rainbands move into the region.  Once the bands of heavy rain develop and become elongated out over the gulf, we will get a better idea of where the highest rainfall totals will occur.  Any tornadoes that develop on Wednesday should track quickly westward.

As this system moves inland across South Texas Wednesday Night the heavy rain focus will shift toward the flash flood-prone Rio Grande Plains.  Weather conditions should start to improve from east to west on Thursday.   Tide levels will remain elevated in our local bays into the weekend.

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