City Officials once again met with media today inside the Emergency Operations Center promptly at 3 pm to update our community on the most recent findings and news regarding COVID-19. There are currently 6 cases of COVID-19 in Victoria County at the time. In an effort to help streamline information, the city of Victoria has issued a Victoria COVID-19 Hotline Number 361.580.5796

Residents can contact the hotline Monday through Friday from 8 to 12 pm and again from 1 to 5 pm weekdays.

Victoria officials also listed VICTORIA COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH on Facebook as the number one social media source to get the most updated information regarding COVID-19 in our community.

The meeting began with city officials such as our Victoria County Judge, Ben Zeller alongside our mayor Rawley McCoy stressing the importance of staying informed and educated in our community relaying that " panic shopping" is hurting our community by creating unnecessary temporary shortages of foods and goods. It was further stressed that hand washing is still the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The official panel agreed at this time that avoiding large crowds was a best practice at this time, however, it was also stated that the official panel felt it was safe to go about your daily activities at this time as well, using an individual's best judgement when doing so.

"Business as usual" was a repeated phrase at today's meeting.

Here is a list of websites the city and county also recommend for residents to use for reliable and updated information regarding COVID-19

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