At the beginning of the week, we heard about the county beaches on South Padre Island being shut down for the Fourth of July weekend.

Now that we are right on the doorstep of the holiday weekend we are hearing more announcements from coastal communities who don't want crowds gathering on their beaches during a global pandemic. With all the stories about rising numbers of COVID-19, we expected to hear about even more beaches closing in an effort to #slowthespread.

The city of Galveston offers a detailed explanation of the closings with info for anyone traveling to the area for the holiday below.

The city reminds everyone that anyone caught violating the beach order could be slapped with a $500 fine. Beach barricades will begin to go up on Friday to block parking access and the beaches themselves.

If you had plans to be in Galveston over the holiday weekend you will not be able to access Gulf beaches at any location within the city limits of Galveston. The city feels it is in the best interest of its residents, businesses, and employees to not allow crowds to gather over the weekend.

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